Kurssi kalenteri

Starting 1st of May 2020



Open your heart to joy, wisdom and infinite beauty of the Northern Fairies

Guided by Jenni Örn (Eagle) and Helena Karhu (Bear) from Finland



We welcome friends from near and far to join online to deepen our shared global connection with
the Fairies as the guiding light in this springtime. The fairies can be seen as heightened frequency
of natural light within the realms accessible only by our imagination and playful attention. Our
shining friends invite us all to play, to have fun, to increase our circles of friendship, and to take
new profound steps in our path of increased awareness. The course is a 5-part serie during the
whole month of May. The key feeling with the work with fairies is JOY, LIGHTNESS, AND NEW
The course entails teachings of the North – the elemental direction of air and spiritual dimension.
We would like to share with you the wisdom of these ancient shamanic lands of North Karelia
where we offer this course from and invite the refreshing winds of the North to caress your soul

Faeries are our shining little friends. They bring us lightness and pure Joy, and even help all
our garden plants and flowers to grow better- but only if you truly see and respect their
work for the Nature.
Faeries call us now to help them with their amazing work and play across this beautiful
planet. They are calling us to help with our unique gifts to bring more lightness and love in
our Nature, forests, meadows and garden. We all have something to give.
Faeries are beings of Light. Their purpose is to bring their Light wherever it is needed in our
Nature. They help flowers to bloom, they make ice crystal coating on the trees on a cold
winter day, they create magnificent beauty. When we see their work, it makes us believe
we live on a dream or a fairytale. Faeries want us to see the beauty of this world and they
wish we would take more seriously our purpose as the keepers of lifeforms on this planet.

The course program will be practical and is compiled as a 5 part series:
Introduction to our course, to the guides, and to each other in the circle. Connecting with
fairies as our spirit guides. Creating a visual portal to allow the entrance to happen. We are
Connect with the frequency of light of the North. Receive the “medicine” of the Northern
Fairies. It might require courage to receive. Do you have the courage necessary to shine as
a natural being?
Being the “medicine” and growing strength to become an enhanced light being with the
help of our fairy friends. Next steps in creative imagination as body-mind-soul awareness
practice. Shining your beauty to the world as the reflective mirror posed by the Fairy
Practical tasks of working with the fairies. Having responsibility with joy and lightness.
Message of the Fairies for the humanity. What can we do together?
The beautiful result of this course to be celebrated: Sense of Completion with the first cycle
of the Fairy connection.
Jenni and Helena will coordinate the circle, offer guided shamanic meditations and visualizations
to each step of our shared process, and send weekly home practices to integrate and support the
This course was born on a pilgrimage to a sacred natural site of Tarhapuro Water Falls of Koli
National Park in Finland. We offer this course to our global friends from North Karelia, which is an
ancient shamanic region with the oldest bedrock of whole Europe. The deep connection with
nature and its healing spirits have unbreakable roots in our collective consciousness. The vast
forests and lakes of our region have countless sacred nature sites, which are the paradise-like
abodes of our shining friends.

The time and dates of the course:
The course will start on Friday the 1st of May at

18.00 GMT +3 (Helsinki, Finland)
Which is
16.00 in London, UK.
17.00 in Copenhagen, Denmark
23.00 in Bali, Indonesia
8.00 am in Los Angeles, USA
11.00 am in New York , USA

The course will continue after the 1st of May on all Tuesdays in May at the same time:
th of May, 12th of May, 19th of May and 26th of May.
Each session is approximately 2 hours.
The course is offered with ZOOM program, which is freely available for the participants.
We will make also a closed Facebook-group for this course to share our experiences and connect
further with each other globally.
To whom is this course?
This course is suitable for everybody, who are simply curious about the magical realms of the
nature spirits, and to deepen their own perception of what it means to be a human.
This course is based on safe practices based on clear mind, meditation, imagination, creative work,
and use of simple shamanic rituals. The approach in the course is universal, where we walk on
Mother Earth as one people. You are welcome for the journey!

Course Guides:
Helena Karhu:
As the course guide serves Helena Karhu, a shamanic practitioner, teacher, healer, shamanic
artist, and a mother of 7-year old twins. Helena is currently writing a Ph.D. research on Cultural
Anthropology on the female Nordic shamans and their visionary seeing at the University of Eastern
Finland. Helenas life project is Karhun Talo (House of the Bear), Center of Shamanism and Folk
Healing. She is born in Joensuu, North Karelia, Finland, and both of her parental lineages have
deep roots in North Karelian soil. This is also where she also returned a few years ago, after living
abroad over 13 years. Besides her long-time residence in Copenhagen, her world journeys have
taken her across the Northern and Arctic regions in her quest for life. Helena’s passion is to bring

forth the light-increasing, co-operative, and empowering aspects of the shamanic practice, where
everyone can rest as they are, yet have freedom to become who they are.
Helena’s homepage is www.karhuntalo.com (the English version available soonest)
Jenni Örn:
Jenni Örn lives her life among the faery folk at Central Karelia forests. She is a herbalist and a
teacher of herbal practices. She honors ancestral wisdom in her work and every day life. Jenni
creates herbal medicines and vibrational essences from flowers and stones. Nature is her biggest
teacher and inspiration. Jenni is studying Traditional Chinese Medicine to enrich her herbal healing
practices with its ancient awareness of the energies in the human body. Jenni is also a
craftswoman, and lover of traditional techniques and natural materials. ”Connection with our alive
environments, standing deeply rooted on the land beneath our feet” is the very keys for all her
work. Nature is our healer. Jenni is a mother of two small children and lives in the forest in
Rääkkylä, Finland, a small village famous for its folk musicians and cultural traditions. Read more
about Jenni’s work here: http://www.jenniorn.com
Jenni has also prepared a special Faery Elixir for this course. Please read more about it further in
the text.
Both Jenni and Helena share deep love for the Northern nature and its respected realms of natural
healing. Their previous shared work has included an online course on dreamtime, intuition and the
moon. They delight this possibility to guide you together to the fantastic worlds of the fairy folk.

To sign-up, you are welcome to confirm your place from the link below.
The course fee covers the course teachings and 24% VAT:
Discount fee for students, unemployed etc. 95 EUR:
Sponsorship fee for others: 150 EUR:
Vibrational elixir ~Meeting with faeries~
This flower & crystal essence blend will help you to attune you with your most sensitive aspects.
Flowers chose to this elixir will bring lightness and Joy into your being. This essence brings
awareness about the frequencies of the fairy realms and brings this state more approachable.

If you would like to order a special Fairy Elixir made by Jenni Örn, please add the elixir in your
order here. The drops are 35 EUR incl. 24% VAT and postage to your home:

All the registered participants will receive a letter of participations 3 days prior to the course with
the links to the sessions and more practical information.
If you have any questions, you are welcome to write e-mail to: info@karhuntalo.com
Wishing a beautiful course experience to everybody.
Jenni and Helena




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